2019 Summer Intern Self Evaluation

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Self Evaluation
Please rate your performance below
I showed up on time
I did not miss any days OR called if absent
I dressed appropriately
I listened to directions
I asked questions for clarity
I focused on campers at all times
I engaged campers in conversation
I learned all camper's names
I played with campers
I sought out left out campers
I safely aided grooming & tacking
I knew all the grooming equipment & their uses
I knew all the tack & their uses
I was able to side walk focusing on the camper & safety
I was able to lead a horse correctly
I was able to distract & redirect campers if necessary
I assisted in planning games
I was able to help with crafts
I assisted in setting up water activities
I assisted in clean up without prompting
I kept the kitchen clean
I was able to recognize what needed to be done without prompting
I included all interns in activities
I knew all inters names & engaged them in conversation
I was able to see what was needed to be done & did so without prompting
I was able to be independent with campers, keeping them safe & entertained