The Clubhouse

Movement-Based Social Skills Groups

Social skill challenges affect everyone, with or without diagnoses. Our groups are designed for children who struggle with social skill development and may include those diagnosed with ASD, ADHD and anxiety. All are welcome and encourage to join The Clubhouse!

Within the sensory rich environment of Fun-E Farm T.O.O., we will facilitate a variety of therapeutic activities including structured and unstructured play, crafts, games, movement activities and social skill lessons. We will provide in-the-moment teaching and guidance to help increase success with social interactions. We will use our knowledge of body systems, structures, and functions in conjunction with social and behavioral strategies to provide measurable outcomes. 

November registration is OPEN! Each session is 4 weeks long for participants 3-21 years old.


  • *Initial Evaluation: $100

  • 4-week session: $200

*This is a one-time fee for the initial occupational therapy evaluation. During an individual assessment, we will establish a baseline of current motor and social functioning. We will work with you to identify current strengths and to find the best club for your child

Email or call for a registration packet or more information!