Can I come to the farm for an unscheduled visit to walk around the farm and visit the animals?

  • Unfortunately, all visits must be scheduled in advance & supervised. In addition, riding time must be scheduled in advance with an instructor.

Can I bring my dog(s) to the farm?

  • Absolutely no outside dogs are permitted on the farm. We have 3 farm dogs who are the only dogs allowed on the property. We do not advise bringing a dog and leaving them in the car.

Can I give animals treats?

  • We do not hand treat our horses. If you would like to give a treat to an animal, it must be with an instructor & given in a bucket.

Is smoking permitted on the farm?

  • There is no smoking allowed on the property at any time.

Do you have hours of operation?

  • The farm is open by appointment only.

Do you take small animals/ ponies off site for a birthday party at an individual's house?

  • All birthday party options are available on the farm ONLY. We do not take small animals off site for birthday parties at someone's home.\

What forms of payment do you take for board, riding lessons, birthday parties, etc.?

  • We accept cash, checks made out to 'Fun-E Farm T.O.O.' or credit cards (processing fees apply when paying with a credit card). Summer camp may be paid online using a credit card but all other credit card transactions must be made at the farm with a farm staff member.