Lessons are offered throughout the week for the duration of either 1/2 hour or hour time slots. During lessons, we focus on learning everything from grooming to saddling to riding on either our gaited Mountain Horses or variety of trotting horses. We encourage students to try both disciplines and strive to teach horsemanship while having FUN! Riders 4 and up are welcome. Please note for riders 4-6 years old, we recommend half-hour sessions. The best way to inquire about scheduling a lesson is to complete the below form which is then shared among our instructors who then pick up students who have similar time availability and discipline preferences. 

Prices and options are listed below.

We accept cash, checks made out to 'Fun-E Farm T.O.O., LLC' as well as credit cards (service fees apply). 

Private (Individual rider & price per person)

  • 1 hour private lesson - $60

  • 1/2 hour private lesson - $35 * Half hour lessons are reserved for students 4-7 years of age *

Semi Private (2 riders & price per person)

  • 1 hour semi private lesson - $50

Group (3+ riders & price per person)

  • 1 hour group lesson - $45

Lesson Packages (total payment must be paid up front)

  • Buy 10 lessons and get the 11th one free

**All prices subject to change without notice**

**When you schedule a lesson, that time slot is reserved especially for you. Should you need to cancel/reschedule your lesson, we require 2 hour notice. If we do not receive notice, the lesson fee will be due in full. We thank you in advance for your consideration for fellow lesson students and farm staff**


What if I am running late for my lesson?  Please contact your riding instructor if you are running late. The time slot that you schedule is reserved for you and lessons may be scheduled before or after your lesson so it is not expected that lessons run late to accommodate a late arrival.

Can people spectate my lesson?  Absolutely, spectators are welcome for lessons but please note, they are REQUIRED to wait in the viewing room for the safety of everyone at the farm. If a lesson is conducted in our out door arena, spectators are REQUIRED to wait at picnic tables situated away from the fence of the arena.

What disciplines do you teach?  We teach beginner to advanced flat riding lessons. We do walk/ trot/ canter & gaited horses. Please note we do NOT teach jumping.

What about inclement weather? We do have an indoor riding area for inclement weather but pending on the severity of a storm, instructors may decide to reschedule for the safety of horse & rider. In addition, during hot summer months we follow a heat stress index so our horses do not get comprised. Please contact your instructor if bad weather is expected during your lesson time.

Can we bring dogs? We're sorry, but outside dogs and animals are not allowed on the farm due to guest safety and liability issues

What should I wear for my lesson? We require all students to wear a riding helmet (we provide a variety of sizes in the event you do not own one.) Please do NOT bring any other helmet (ex. bike helmet, ski helmet, etc). We recommend long pants or capris and paddock boots. If you don’t own paddock boots we require close toed shoes such as slim boots or sneakers. In addition, all long hair must be pulled back in a low pony tail.

Where do I meet my instructor? Upon arrival to the farm for a riding lesson, please park at the front of the building, enter the main entrance and wait in the viewing room. Your instructor will come to the viewing room to meet you for your lesson. Again, any spectators are REQUIRED to wait in the viewing room. ABSOLUTELY NO PARENTS/ SPECTATORS SHOULD WANDER INTO THE BARN DURING LESSON TIMES NOR ALONG THE INDOOR OR OUTDOOR ARENAS FOR RIDER SAFETY AND INSURANCE PURPOSES.