We need printer paper or cross-cut shredded paper!

Did you know that paper bedding has superior absorbency than most wood shavings? In addition, it is recycled, non-toxic, biodegradable & very soft. For these many reasons, we use shredded paper as bedding for our horses at the farm. We are looking for individuals and/or businesses in the community who are willing to donate recycled printer paper or cross-cut shredded paper. If you have printer paper, we can do the shredding for you (please note, we can also handle shredding of construction drawings, or larger paper we just ask for no newspaper or really shinny paper). If you already shred documents or belong to a business that shreds documents, we can take that as well! The shredded paper is used in stalls as bedding for horses and then gets composted. If you wish to donate paper or shredded paper, please complete the form below so we can coordinate drop offs with you!

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